CSA Shares

By purchasing a share of Bluewing Gardens' produce, you are supporting fresh food grown in an environment free of pesticides and chemicals on Signal Mountain. Over the course of your share, you will receive variety of sustainably grown produce delivered to your door at the beginning of each week.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture and is essentially your opportunity to share in our farm's harvest. What you receive each week is largely dependent on what sort of week we’ve had on the farm. On some weeks, the weather will be beautiful and everything will ripen at once, but on other weeks, we’ll experience extreme weather (think heat, cold, rain!) that may affect what’s available for delivery. Your participation in the CSA helps us stay afloat during those off weeks, and we appreciate your support. You'll receive a portion of what we grow each week for the duration of the season, which is designed so you'll receive your shares between November and the end of May. We believe that you shouldn't have to wait until summer to start eating fresh, local veggies and we really love the early spring growing season, so your shares will resume as early as possible. 

What is in a share?

So, what can you expect between in your share? In the fall and winter, you'll likely receive kale, Swiss chard, Asian greens, collards, radishes, carrots, beets, green onions, snap peas, and snow peas. Variety will increase once spring arrives, and members will receive head lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, Asian lettuce, okra, French breakfast radish, pink and purple radish, patty pan squash, Ronde de Nice heirloom zucchini, dinosaur kale, French salad turnips, cucumbers, and a variety of different tomatoes. We’re working on increasing variety each year, so stay tuned!

For a variety of reasons, there are some items we can guarantee will not be in our shares, primarily because the growing season is simply too long for our limited acreage. These items include large onions, potatoes, and winter squash. Likewise we believe that a CSA should be a relationship between the farm and its member, so we will not supplement our shares with produce form other farms, let alone regional distributors. This gives us complete control what does and does not go onto your food.


2 Person Share

Priced at $25/week, a 2 Person Share is designed to feed 2 people and your produce box is delivered fresh to your door at the beginning of the week.


Family Share

Priced at $40/week, a Family Share is designed to feed 4 people and your produce box is delivered fresh to your door at the beginning of the week.